Identity Design

Crafting a corporate identity requires a careful thought process, as well as an understanding of the visual language inherint in logo design. An effective logo must be distinctive, easily identifiable. It must convey a message, which requires an understanding of the organization's personality, not a cookie-cutter formula.

Before we design a logo, we try to get an understanding of your company culture. Sometimes a color is best associated with your culture, sometimes a shape. The logo may be pure typography, or contain graphical elements as well. A stock logo template simply won't do justice to your organization's unique qualities.

Versatility in a logo is important. It must look good and be identifiable in any medium, be it print, web, fax, stitched into a ball cap or polo, or frosted on a glass. There may be multiple versions to be used for different sizes or media.

When refreshing an existing identity, whether to make it more modern, or to adapt it to a new medium, we want to maintain the existing heritage of the organization, while still being creative and updating the relevance of the design.